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My compassion for dogs came to me as a little girl, growing up with almost any type of pet you could think of.  Living with my single mother, who also adored pets, we were constantly bringing various furry creatures into our home! My pets were  more than just animals to me, they became my family.  These four-legged friends took on an even bigger part in my life when I lost my mother early on. I realized quickly that the amazing bond that I had with animals had cemented an everlasting bridge between my mother and I.  

I had been volunteering at the Chicago Canine Rescue shelter walking dogs.  This is where I met a little girl who literally walked straight into my life.  It only took me 2 walks and a short fostering stint to realize that she had to be part of our family.  Fudge joined her big brother, Comisky when we failed as foster parents and adopted her. 

Walking and spending time with the dogs at the shelter really made me question where my heart was.  I found myself thinking about them throughout my days and realizing it wasn't just something I wanted to do when I had an extra minute.  It was something I wanted to do everyday for the rest of my life.   

Best Regards,

Christina Kerner

2000 N. Lincoln Park West #502 Chicago IL,60614 p.(312)854-2865 e.Woof@windywagginwalkers.com
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